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Creating a nautical look using striped fabric

It is possible to create a coastal scheme for your house without a sea view.

The best way to do this is by using a selection of nautical fabric!

Blue and white fabric for a beach house look

This is the obvious choice for a beach house look as it will always look crisp and fresh. Striped fabric works particularly well, use as a blind fabric or as a curtain fabric. Walls and floors should be kept white to give a feeling of light and space. Bleached floorboards are a great choice.

There are also fabrics which reflect our love of the coast such as those depicting yachts or seabirds. These could be used for cushions or a statement chair. They are usually found in shades of blue and white but other colourways can be found and could be used for a change.

To create a contemporary feel use natural shades

To create a contemporary feel use natural shades

To bring a contemporary feel to your scheme used striped fabric in neutral shades such as taupe, sand and cream. These colours are very easy to live with and create a calming and comfortable environment.

Team your striped fabric with a natural plain fabric for cushions. Add a rug and woollen throws to give extra texture and a touch of cosiness.

Mix shades of blue and green for tranquility

Mix shades of blue and green for tranquility

For a different coastal look mix shades of blue and green. Choose pastel shades from baby blue through to the palest green and then add a touch of turquoise to bring your scheme bang up to date. Look for a striped fabric in these shades. If you have a north facing room be careful about using too much blue as it can be a cool colour.

Accent and accessorise for a relaxed scheme

Accent and accessorise for a relaxed scheme

Red is a popular accent colour which can be used for cushions but you could use other colours such as orange, turquoise or even navy blue. These colours will add a 'zing' to your scheme.

Natural items such as shells and driftwood complete the scheme but don't go overboard with these as it will make the design appear too contrived.

If your room doesn't have lots of natural light then use mirrors to reflect and bounce the light around your room.

Flooring should be from natural materials - coir matting is hard wearing, painted floorboard are a practical choice and so are tiles.

Everything about a coastal scheme should be relaxed so mix and match cushions using striped fabric, plain fabric and seaside fabric.

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