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How to make the most of your fabric samples

By getting fabric samples you will be able to see how they work with your current decor

why should I get fabric samples?

why should I get fabric samples?

Whether you are buying fabric from a fabric shop or online,  if you are considering new curtains then the best place to start is to get some fabric samples so that you can see what the fabric looks like with your existing colour scheme.

This is especially important if you are buying online so that you can also feel the fabric texture, something you can’t gauge when looking at a screen.   Even with great photography a true colour is also very difficult to see when looking on a screen as monitors and phones vary greatly.

If you are choosing your fabric from a fabric shop then it is still a good idea to ask for a fabric swatch so that you can take it home and look at it with your current scheme.

Creating a moodboard

Creating a moodboard

If you are starting your scheme from scratch creating a mood board is an excellent way to see how everything works together.  Begin by finding inspirational ideas which you could cut from magazines or use postcards from your favourite places.  This will enable you to see which styles and colours most inspire you.  It may be that you see a country style emerging or perhaps bright and vibrant tropical colours.

Next decide which existing items need to stay and which items need replacing.  If replacing curtains, cushions or upholstered furniture then you need to gather some fabric samples.  You will then be able to see how the various colours, textures and patterns work together.  

Try re-vamping existing items

In order to save money and recycle furniture why not re-uphoster a favourite chair. Choose a suitable upholstery fabric, this will give it a new lease of life. Wooden furniture could also be painted or updated with new handles. You could also check out second hand shops or auctions where it is possible to pick up good quality items at bargain prices and by updating them you will have a unique piece of furniture.


Mix and match patterns for a relaxed feel

Mix and match patterns for a relaxed feel

If you are creating a relaxed scheme then it is a good idea to mix and match fabrics.  If you get some fabric samples then you will be able to see if they work well together.  By following simple rules it is easy to mix different fabric patterns together.  One golden rule is to keep all fabrics within the same colour palette.  When mixing florals it is possible to mix large designs with medium designs and medium designs with small designs but trying to mix a large floral pattern with a small one doesn't work so well. 

Striped fabric and floral prints look great together and if you worry too many patterns try picking a plain fabric from one of the colours within your patterned fabric. This will create a stylish look to your home.

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