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How to paint an unfinished curtain pole

Unfinished wood poles are great if you want a unique finish and can be painted or stained any colour you want so you can co-ordinate with your decorating scheme.

Our how to guide is the perfect starting point if this is your first time using an unfinished wood pole.

You can paint the curtain poles to a colour that suits your interior style and will work well with your chosen made to measure curtains.

Choosing your paint and preparing your pole

Choosing your paint and preparing your pole

You can either choose a bright, bold colour that will add a real wow factor to your room or choose a more neutral colour that will blend in with your scheme.  You can also select a wood stain - again this can match your existing wooden items or provide a contrast. 

Preparing your components

When painting your pole it is a good idea to support each component so that while you are painting you can avoid touching the surface and they can be left to dry with ease.

Pole - rest your pole horizontally on a workbench and support each end, alternatively you could rest between two cardboard boxes.

Brackets - secure each bracket to a piece of wood by screwing the backplate into the wood. Thread the bracket on to the backplate, leaving a small gap between the base of the bracket and the wood so that you can paint all the way around.

Preparing the finials and rings

Preparing the finials and rings

To prepare the finials, thread the finial screws into each finial and then screw the finial to a piece of soft wood.  Again leave a small gap between the base of the finial and the wood to allow you to paint all the way around.

For the rings, thread they eye of the ring onto a piece of cord or string and suspend horizontally.

Applying the paint and varnish

Apply the primer/undercoat to the pole and leave to dry thoroughly.

When the paint has dried apply the top coat, if necessary apply a second coat.

Paint all the components in the same way.

To finish your pole and components use a soft tipped varnish bruch and apply your choice of finishing varnish. We recommend a quick drying varnish. You can choose a matt, satin or gloss finish depending on your personal preference.


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