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Pantone Colour of 2019 Living Coral

Living Coral is Pantone’s Colour of the year 2019, which Pantone describe as an ‘animating and life affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer hue’.

Living Coral is a vibrant colour that brings a warm and welcoming tone; a colour that translates into interiors well, with a warm and welcoming tone that will enliven hallways and living spaces. A pop of Living Coral by way of home accessories will bring a glint of optimism to your room.

In this article we’ll outline how you can introduce Living Coral into your home, and which fabrics we would recommend.

Living Coral colour couples

Pantone’s own imagery for this colour includes a video of a living coral reef against the blue backdrop of the ocean. Using Living Coral with a royal blue will tone the colour down. Using it with a dark or navy blue will make it sing. Use a Living Coral sofa or velvet cushion to energise a dark and moody interior and bring it up to date for 2019. JF Vintage velvet in coral would be perfect for this choice.

Pairing it with cream softens the look and gives it a sophisticated feel. Grey is another neutral colour that will give coral the energy it needs. 

Living Coral in home interiors

Living coral evokes a homely feel as a reef is both a dynamic organism but also shelter to fish; it is a perfect choice for homes that want to create a vibrant yet welcoming feel. It is an optimistic colour that encourages us to feel positive about life and our surroundings. It is a great choice for your interiors, and you could choose a vibrant tropical print such as Moorea in Coral Reef or a graphic Moroccan design such as Marrakech or Karaz .

Rooms in which to use Living Coral

Coral is a great choice for children’s rooms; a pop of coral for a painted cot would be lovely. Coral sits somewhere between pink and orange so is a great modern alternative to a baby pink hue. You could pair it with black for a teenage girl’s room.

A welcoming hue, it would suit a hallway or living room, and would be perfect for a pop of fun in a bathroom that needs some cheer.

It’s a tropical colour reminiscent of a flock of flamingoes, tropical sunsets and watermelons. Living Coral is a summer colour, that leaves people happy and is therefore the perfect choice for homes both for living in and for welcoming guests.

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