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JF Headboards - JF Headboard 8

Panelled Headboard

A contemporary Panelled Headboard that is handcrafted in the UK.

The Panelled headboard has a modern design and rectangle shape,  example shown in initial image is JF Vintage Velvet FR Aqua fabric. additionally choose from any of our upholstery fabrics or from books in one of our showrooms to create a headboard that is perfect for your home and follow the steps below.

Please note, with this design a single bed will come with 2 panels and not 4.

Headboard cannot be fixed to a bed so is WALL FIX ONLY.

There is a 9-11 week lead time and we provide a delivery service. Delivery cost is dependent on location.

We can create any style or size so if you would like more information on creating a bespoke headboard, please get in touch.

Please note, all fabrics must be FR treated to be used for a headboard. If the fabric required is not FR treated, please contact us and we will provide an additional quote for this service.


Step 2 Choose size

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Step 5 Complete the look

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