Foliage Fabric
Clarke and Clarke Herbarium
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Foliage Fabric

We have a variety of fabrics with tree designs featuring leaves and plants. Perfect if you want a pattern that is not a floral design. Our foliage designs are available in a range of colours and suitable for upholstery and curtains, there is something for everyone.

  • Lima Jungle Outdoor Fabric
  • Potagerie Cream Fabric
  • Rainforest Fabric
  • Cheeky Monkey Linen  Fabric
  • Mini Strawberry Thief Fabric
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  • Mr Monkey Fabric
  • Oakmere Fabric
  • Potagerie Linen Fabric
  • Tropical Fabric
  • Madworld Outdoor  Fabric
  • Hidden Paradise Fabric
  • Canopy Outdoor Fabric
  • Nouveau Heron  Fabric
  • Forbidden Forest Fabric
  • Morris Fabric
  • Sale
    Ruskin Fabric
  • Strawberry Thief Fabric
  • Combe Fabric
  • Levande Velvet Fabric
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