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Best Sewing Machines for Curtains

Are you on the hunt for the perfect sewing machine for curtain making but unsure where to start? Look no further than this guide by Just Fabrics. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional we’ve got a sewing machine to meet your needs.

To choose the best sewing machine for sewing curtains, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. First, consider how the machine can be used and what you may need it for later on.

Secondly, when comparing features look at the stitch speed. Consider when sewing heavy duty layered curtains you’d want to be looking for a machine with good power and speed.

Consider whether you prefer a mechanical or computerized machine. Also, think about the importance of features such as automatic thread cutting and needle threading.

Check out the machine's accessories, especially the extension table, which is very helpful when making curtains.

Now you know what to consider, take a look at our top picks for best sewing machines for curtains.

Janome 5060QDC

Janome 5060QDC

If you’re looking for the perfect all-round sewing machine with versatility, the Janome 5060QDC is for you. This computerised model has a staggering 60 built-in stitches, an easy-set drop-in bobbin and a nifty built-in needle threader and auto thread cutter.

Perfect for bigger projects like curtains, the Janome 5060QDC also comes with an extension table which will allow you additional workspace.

Janome HD2200

Janome HD2200

Janome HD2200 is a sewing machine that is high-performance and also heavy-duty. Combining power, elegance and simplicity, it is a reliable choice, convenient to use, and also built to last.

The metal body provides robustness needed for commercial and heavy domestic users, while the design makes it easy to use. Choose your stitch and the information window will advise on stitch width and length settings, in addition to indicating the correct foot to use. This sewing machine has many stitches, an automatic needle threader, and an automatic one-step buttonhole for easy sewing projects.

Janome HD9

Janome HD9

For the seasoned professional making curtains week in, week out, take a look at the Janome HD9. This Janome model is from their professional series. It is powerful and ideal for flat bed sewing with high speed and straight stitch capabilities.

This mechanical model has a high speed up to 1600spm, a variable stitch length up to 6mm, jumbo bobbins that hold 40% more thread than normal bobbins and boasts a 9inch wide and 5.5inch high work area, perfect for those statement curtains

Janome Atelier 6

Janome Atelier 6

For the experienced sewer that not only enjoys making curtains, but loves the whole sewing world, explore endless possibilities with the Janome Atelier 6

The Janome Atelier range takes sewing to a new level with a computerised longer-arm space model. These machines are perfect for those who need all the best and easiest computerised functions, with the additional arm space perfect for larger projects like curtain making. The sheer length of the arm space of 210mm to the right of the needles gives you space to create.

This amazing free arm machine has 196 built-in stiches, 9mm stitch width, an under-bed cutter and knee lifter. The LCD screen of the Janome Atelier6 has 8 direct stitch selection keys for commonly used stitches, plus easy access to functions. Without forgetting the superior AcuFeed Flex layered fabric feeding system, ensures stability at speeds of up to 1,000spm.

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