Customer Testimonial with Amanda

One of our amazing customers, Amanda, shares her experience of shopping at Just Fabrics.

Amanda has been giving upholstery a go since she retired and she has been reupholstering some dining chairs with our Wild Africa and Tropical Giraffe fabrics.

Amanda found Just Fabrics online after searching for a company that had a wide range of designs and colours. Read on to hear Amanda share her experience of shopping at Just Fabrics.

"Lovely soft velvet"

Hello, my name's Amanda. I'm retired and I live in Ireland. I've been doing upholstery for about two and a half years since I retired. I'm not a professional, but I just enjoy having a go. I found Just Fabrics online after I've been looking for somewhere that had a good selection of materials, different colours, fabrics and they seem to fit the bill. Since I've been using them, the delivery service has been first class. The products arrived promptly, always in good condition, well packaged. 

This is one of six old dining chairs I have, that I have re-upholstered. I used the Wild Africa fabric on this one. It's this lovely soft velvet.

"Lush and vibrant colours"

This is the second dining chair that I upholstered from the same set, and I used the Wild Africa Gold. This is the third dining chair that I've upholstered, I used the Tropical Giraffe Noir on this one. It's a nice, thick cotton. I think this is probably my favorite because it's a lovely, lush, vibrant colour, and it's got a lot of detail on it.

"You can see why I chose Just Fabrics"

Here is some more fabric that I've already purchased from Just Fabrics ready for my next project, which will be a tub chair that I'm going to reupholster. Although I've used completely different designs on each of these chairs, there seems to be a bit of a jungle theme going on.

You can see why I chose Just Fabrics because there are so many different designs, colors, different types of fabric to choose from.

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