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Customer Testimonial with Rebecca

Rebecca, a Just Fabrics customer, shares her Just Fabrics shopping and first upholstery project experience.

Rebecca decided to do her first upholstery project during lockdown and chose a pouffe that was looking past it's best to start working on first, using our Crouching Tiger fabric.

Rebecca stumbled across Just Fabrics through a Google search and was drawn by the vibrant patterns and eco friendly products. Read on to hear Rebecca share her experience of shopping at Just Fabrics.

"What's not to love?"

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I live in Newcastle and I work as a doctor. I do craft projects in my spare time. And during lockdown, I decided to do my first upholstery project on a pouffe that was just looking past its best. 

So I googled a course in fabric and I came across Just Fabrics and the first thing I noticed on the website was these really, really cool, vibrant, jazzy patterns, and lots of the fabrics are made with recycled product which is really great. And they had a sale on, so what's not to love?

So I'm going to show you my project now. So, here she is, my tiger pouffe with gorgeous turquoises and pinks. Fabulous. Love it.

"I will definitely be shopping with you again"

Look at all this spare fabric that I've got, I ordered too much and it's lovely and thick.

Really good quality, so I might make some cushions or a lampshade, but not sure yet. So thank you, Just Fabrics. I will definitely be shopping with you again. Thank you.


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