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How to use metallic Fabric

Have you ever considered metallic fabrics for your room scheme or home? Concerned that metallic equals gaudy, shiny fabrics?

Have you ever considered metallic fabrics for your room scheme or home? Concerned that metallic equals gaudy, shiny fabrics? Well newer fabrics use subtler techniques in production, weaving mixed fibres and subtle printing. They are perfect for adding or emphasising metal accents and catching the light in your room; the key is to add a touch of light and glamour.

Types of Metallic Fabric

Types of Metallic Fabric

There are different metallic fabrics; velvet, sheers and polyester fabrics that have different elements of metallic sheens. Metal Panther fabric for example is a metallic crushed velvet, suitable for contemporary homes in metal champagne, silver and grey colours.

Matching metals

Matching metals

Metallics are big news in homeware with recent trends for copper and rose gold fabrics like the Carnival Rose being popular across ranges. Silk fabrics create a metallic sheen that look desirable and luxurious (Faux silks can also create this look). Metallic fabrics will sometimes have silvery or gold threads running through them that will catch the light especially when hung at windows. Many fabrics now have a subtle metallic touch that is not gaudy.

You can choose a metallic fabric to tone with and emphasise the other metal elements you have in your room.

Mixing metals

Mixing metals

You don’t have to keep to one tone of metal, you can mix the different metals in your room. A silvery fabric such as Rainford in grey would work well with a room with black metal accents for example. In your room, copper and bronze can look beautiful together alongside dark strong hues. While silver and gold will look beautiful with soft creams or blues. Gold and bronze will go with deep red.

Metallics and colour

Many metallic fabrics will have a metallic sheen but include other colours, so you can find a fabric to suit your style and taste. The Thetford fabric comes in a range of colours but has a silvery, leafy, woven pattern. Blossom is similar with a leafy, blossom-like pattern woven in a white sheen on a range of natural colour cloths.

Metallic Accessories

If you want to emphasise the metallic elements in your fabrics you can co-ordinate them with metallic tie-backs such as the Accents champagne or Opus in Soft gold. Your curtain pole can be another metallic element in your room, we have ranges that include stainless steel, brass, black nickel and chrome. There are also wooden curtain poles with metal paint effects such as the Gold black pole.

Metallic fabrics are a great choice post-Christmas as they will add light to the winter and give a fresh new year feel to your room.


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