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On trend: Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric is a popular choice for both curtains and upholstery, especially as we head to the colder months and we are looking for comfort and warmth in our homes. Velvet has long been popular for dressmakers fabric, we also like to use velvet in our homes.

Velvet is a fabric that is characterised by short tufts of cut threads in the weave creating a short dense pile giving the fabric a smooth and soft feel. Traditionally the threads were silk but many velvets today use cotton or polyester fibres.

Velvet for upholstery

Velvet for upholstery

Velvet has become very popular especially for upholstery and it gives a feeling of luxury and comfort. Being traditionally made with silk it was expensive so that gives us the impression of luxury. Velvet has a sheen that catches the light which adds to the feeling of glamour. It also drapes softly making it an ideal fabric choice for curtains too.

What is the difference between, velour, velvet and chenille?

What is the difference between, velour, velvet and chenille?

Chenille is different to velvet in that it is a soft fuzzy yarn with a caterpillar like appearance. It could also be called crushed velvet fabric. It is produced using cotton, acrylic, rayon and olefin. Velour is usually made from cotton or polyester. and the weaving process is different too. Velour is a knitted fabric which makes it stretchier than velvet.

Why use velvet?

Velvet is a great fabric to use for curtains as it has a dense weave and as it is a thick material it is good for blocking the light. These properties will also help to keep warmth in a room and add to the cosy feel. It is a great fabric for using to create an opulent feel to a room without actually breaking the bank. Our Cotswold velvet is just £14.95 a metre and our Vintage velvet for an aged glamour feel is only £18.95 a metre. Both of these velvet fabrics have matching FR versions for your sofa or armchair.

The colours of velvet are often also deep, sumptuous and vibrant which is great for those looking to move towards brighter colours in interiors. Velvet also works with well to achieve darker, moodier interiors with the darker colours of velvet that are available.

It’s not just plain velvets that are popular, there are also some beautiful patterned velvets such as the Hidden Paradise fabric which has a floral pattern and the New York fabric which has an art deco style.

What is the best upholstery velvet fabric?

What is the best upholstery velvet fabric?

You can buy velvet upholstery fabric on the Just Fabrics website. For velvet upholstery fabric you are best to use a Velvet FR fabric, our Cotswold Velvet FR fabric comes in a range of fourteen colours, it is a high-quality fire-retardant fabric used by the likes of It has a rub test of 100,000 + and has a stain guard to repel stains. We also have the Vintage Velvet in an FR version which has a vintage looking patina in a range of sixteen chalky colours.

Make a statement with a velvet chair

Many of our statement chairs are also upholstered in patterned velvets. The Ascot Fiore Slate/Amethyst chair has an abstract floral design in a soft velvet and there are other designs that will make a luxurious and beautiful statement in your home.

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