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Using sheer fabric in your home

Sheer fabric is a transparent fabric which can be used for creating privacy at your windows whilst still allowing light through

About sheer fabric

About sheer fabric

Sheer fabric is a lightweight fabric generally made from 100% cotton although you can find it in linen, polyester and blended materials.

Most sheer fabrics are in neutral colours however you can get patterned versions for example florals, checks or striped fabric or some can have a metallic stripe or fleck running through it. It is also available in other plain colours.

Some sheer fabrics come in an extra wide width so that you do not have to join the fabric as this can give your curtains a bulky effect at the join.

Use sheer fabric for privacy

Use sheer fabric for privacy

Sheer fabric is ideal to use at windows where you want to create some privacy. It is lightweight and can be used with other fabrics to give a layering effect. It will naturally allow some light through and filter the sunlight. Sheer fabrics can be used instead of net curtains to give a more contemporary feel to your home.

If you are looking for an informal way to divide your room consider using sheer fabric for this purpose for example between a living and dining area.

Depending on how much privacy you need you could either have a gathered curtain or use a panel of sheer fabric so that more light is allowed through.

Designing a romantic room scheme

If you are thinking of designing a romantic room then using sheer fabric will give you a whimsical feel to your room - think of it fluttering in the breeze. Curtains can be hung from a pole or track. Use an eyelet heading for a contemporary look or use a pencil pleat heading for a relaxed look. For something different you could use a slot heading and thread a pole through it.

If you are only using sheer fabric then consider using a patterned sheer fabric with some colour in it, this will add interest to your window.

A romantic room scheme is ideal for bedrooms and it is best to keep these rooms light and airy by decorating the walls in light neutral colours and using white bedlinen. Add some texture by dressing your bed with a woollen throw and cushions. As you can see through sheer fabric when a light is on and it is dark outside consider using a roller blind in conjunction with your sheer fabric curtains.

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