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William Morris Ready-Made Curtains

Ready-made curtains can be a great alternative to made to measure curtains if you are working within a budget or if you do not want to wait to have bespoke curtains made.

Not only budget friendly and efficient, ready-made curtains also take away the pressure of choosing the fabric, heading, and lining allowing you to see what you’re getting before placing the order.

Why buy William Morris ready made curtains

Why buy William Morris ready made curtains

Our ready- made William Morris curtains all use original William Morris designs and are printed onto 100% cotton. They come in a variety of sizes and are fully lined with a 3” pencil pleat heading, meaning they can be pulled in using the tape heading to your desired fullness.

These ready-made curtains will be sure to add glamour and luxury to your interior and provide a more cost-effective solution to the similar William Morris designs.


Curtain Size (for a pair when gathered)

Recommended pole or track width

W 127 x D 137

Approximately 127cm

W 127 x D 183

Approximately 127cm

W 190 x D 137

Approximately 190cm

W 190 x D 182

Approximately 190cm

W 190 x D 228

Approximately 190cm

W 254 x D 183

Approximately 254cm

W 254 x D 229

Approximately 254cm

The dimensions on our website are listed with the width first followed by the drop, for example 127cm wide x 137cm drop. These dimensions are for a pair of curtains when fully gathered, therefore the width of the curtains listed is the track or pole width the curtains will fit.

The beauty of a pencil pleat heading is the curtains can be drawn in or out to accommodate your pole or track width and allow for more or less fullness depending on how you would like the curtains to look so you have a bit of play when hanging the curtains. Because of this the pole or track width recommendations we have given are approximate.


Measuring and Hanging your Curtains

Measuring and Hanging your Curtains

Our below video will help to guide you through the measuring process for your curtains:


Another useful guide when you’ve had your curtains delivered would be our Curtain & Blind Hanging guides, please see the link below:



Unfortunately, we cannot offer samples of these curtains. However they can be returned in their original packaging if unsuitable (please see our full returns policy).

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