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5 curtain accessories to consider before buying

When investing in your curtains, what are the five accessories that you should be considering?

When buying curtains there are other decisions to make around the accessories that your new curtains or room design will need. Here are our top five curtain accessories:

1. Lining

1. Lining

When buying made to measure curtains you will need to specify which lining or none you require. Linings give a finished look to your curtains and they come in a range of colours and even in stripes which look stylish especially when looking at your windows from the outside. You might need to consider warmth and add a thermal lining, or your fabric may need some more bulk and you could add an interlining. If your window lets in a lot of light or is a bedroom window you should also consider blackout lining. Lining will also protect your fabric from light fading if hanging in strong sunlight. We have striped lining available in gold or pink.

2. Weights

Not always a consideration, but if your chosen fabric is particularly lightweight or you have curtains without lining you might want to consider weights so that the curtains hang straight and smart. We sell small round weights that are sewn into your lining. We have also known small coins to be used! 

3. Poles and Tracks

You will certainly need something to hang your curtains from whether a pole or a track. Consider whether you’d prefer a curtain pole vs a curtain track, and if you’re stuck deciding between a metal or wooden pole then we can advise you on that too! We have a range of curtain poles in different thicknesses, lengths and with different finials. You may want to consider an unfinished curtain pole to paint to suit your décor or curtain fabric. 

4. Tiebacks

You may like to consider tiebacks; these are not essential of course but are useful for letting in more light in the daytime and perhaps holding back a curtain from a doorway, or you may just like the look. Tiebacks come in all kinds of styles, we have corded ones and jewelled ones, ones with pompoms on and tassels. We have tiebacks that have little balls on the ends or skittle shapes, they are available in a range of colours. You may want them to tone with your curtains or your décor or be in a contrasting colour for a more striking look. Then you will need to consider a hook to hold the tieback to, or a holdback post or item to just sweep your curtains back behind.

5. Cushions to match your curtain fabric

Finally, you may wish to have matching, complementary or contrasting cushions made in your chosen curtain fabric. This will bring your room together with a finishing flourish and can be considered for your sofas, chairs, benches or bed. For example we have ready made cushions in Lewis Bluebell and the matching fabric

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