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Curtain Lining Fabric - Big Selection

Curtain Lining Fabric - Big Selection

Our range of curtain lining fabric is the perfect way to finish off your curtains or blinds. Our standard cotton linings are high quality 100% cotton and we also offer a range of coloured lining fabric. Our striped lining fabric is exclusive to Just Fabrics and will add that something extra to your window dressing.

Confused? Read all about curtain linings and interlinings in this article.

  • Blackout Lining Deluxe Fabric

    Blackout Lining Deluxe Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £6.95/m
  • Double Width Lining Fabric

    Double Width Lining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £7.50/m
  • Thermal Lining Fabric

    Thermal Lining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £5.95/m
  • Plain Linings Fabric

    Plain Linings Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £5.95/m
  • Bonded Blackout Lining Fabric

    Bonded Blackout Lining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £9.99/m
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  • Colour Blackout Lining Fabric

    Colour Blackout Lining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £6.75/m
  • Bonded Lining Fabric

    Bonded Lining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £8.99/m
  • Cotton Interlining Fabric

    Cotton Interlining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £7.50/m
  • Acrylic Interlining Fabric

    Acrylic Interlining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £4.75/m
  • Nap Lining Fabric

    Nap Lining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £6.95/m
  • JF Stripe Lining Fabric

    JF Stripe Lining Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £7.95/m
  • Coloured Linings Fabric

    Coloured Linings Fabric

    OUR PRICE: £8.65/m
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