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Cosy Bedroom Ideas

When we think of sprucing up our homes for the Winter we tend to think of log fires, throws and cushions, new curtains and furnishings for living spaces.

Or we may think of dining room tables for Christmas guests and family that visit at Christmas. The bedroom is often the forgotten room for a refresh in Winter. But we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms as the evenings get longer and colder. Now is the best time to think about cosy bedroom ideas for those winter nights!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary

Your bedroom is your sanctuary

Your own bedroom is your sanctuary from the many tasks that you find yourself doing in the lead up to Christmas. It is a retreat for your own wellbeing, a place to escape to and get a good night’s sleep. This is the time to make changes to your bedroom haven for the long nights of winter. If you have a four-poster bed some drapes for it will give a cosy nest impression and help keep the warmth in. Curtains can be made with thermal lining fabric to make your bedroom warm and cosy, and keep out the draft.

Windows need dressing too

If you have an older property with draughty windows, then it’s worth investing in warm interlined curtains to keep your bedroom warm at night. You could layer the windows with a blind and curtains for a visual appearance of warmth. New curtains or blinds immediately brighten a room and are fundamental in creating your own sanctuary feel.

Guest bedroom updates

What better way to welcome overnight visitors than a warm, inviting bedroom to make their stay cosy. You could add some cushions or a wool throw to the bed, or add a faux-fur rug beside the bed so that your guests have somewhere warm to place their feet in the morning. Perhaps the bed needs a new headboard that will set off the whole room and make the bed look more welcoming.

Headboards are a focal point

Headboards make the bed the focal point of the bedroom and deserve to be beautiful and set the feel and style to your room. There are many different styles and shapes you can have to suit your headboard taste. You could get a headboard covered in a rich velvet fabric for lazy mornings reading in bed. A comfy looking headboard adds a cosy feel to your room.

Fabrics create the feel

Velvet is a great choice for bedroom curtains, furniture and headboards for this season with its tactile impression of warmth and luxury that will feel like a treat in your bedroom. Rich warm toned woollen weaves in warm hues or textured fabrics for cushions will add to the visual impression of warmth. The bedroom is a great place for large floral prints in wallpaper or fabrics as they add the romantic touch. The Seville fabric is a chenille with a large floral print that would be perfect in the bedroom.

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