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All about silk fabric

Silk fabric is a luxurious fabric which can be used to create stunning and stylish interiors.

How silk fabric is made

How silk fabric is made

Silk farming or sericulture was discovered by the Chinese 5000 years ago. Silk is produced by silk worms which are fed on mulberry leaves. When they have increased in size by 10,000 times, they then spend time spinning a cocoon around themselves. When the cocoons are ready they are dipped in hot water to loosen the filaments. Each cocoon produces around 900 metres of a single thread, of which 5-8 are spun together to produce a single silk yarn. The silk is then dyed and woven into silk fabric.

Different types of silk fabric

Different types of silk fabric

There are four main types of silk fabric – taffetas, twills, satins and fancy weaves. Taffetas can be further split into groups such as crepes, chiffons and voiles. Twills are woven to give an effect of diagonal ribs and grooves.  Satin fabric usually has a shiny look and a smooth surface.  Fancy weaves generally combine the previous three types to give fabrics such as grosgrains, jacquard taffeta and silk velvets.

 Silk is inherently fire retardant so if burnt it will curl away from the flame and extinguish itself.

 If you don’t want to use pure silk you could consider using a faux silk fabric which has the appearance of pure silk but at a fraction of the cost.


Creating a luxurious look using silk fabric

If you are looking to create a luxurious look in your home then using silk fabric will certainly give you an opulent feel. Ideal for full length curtains and we would advise using with an interlining fabric to give a full look which will drape beautifully - best to use in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, we wouldn't recommend for kitchens, bathrooms or children's rooms.

Silk cushions in bright colours are perfect for creating a splash of colour in a neutral scheme. Try mixing and matching colours and designs to give a stylish finishing touch to your room. As silk fabric is expensive choosing cushions is a good option for adding a luxurious look if you are on a budget.

Some silk fabrics are suitable as upholstery fabrics and woven silks can look stunning covering statement chairs and sofas.

Caring for your silk fabric

Caring for your silk fabric

Silk fabric does need some specialist care to keep it looking at its best. Silk does fade if in direct sunlight so it's best not to place silk covered furniture in a sunny spot. Use a suitable attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently vacuum your curtains or upholstery, it is best to do this on a weekly basis. You can also use a specialist dry cleaner if necessary.

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