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Arts and Crafts Style

If you find yourself attracted to the fabrics and wallpapers of the arts and crafts design movement or with a property that was built in this period, here are some ideas to reflect and enhance your home with the arts and craft style in mind.

We have a range of fabrics and William Morris ready made curtains with matching tiebacks and cushions that belong to this style.

‘Arts and crafts’ is a design movement and ethos that flourished between the period 1880 and 1920, this style influenced architecture and interiors in a way that is still in use today. Founded by John Ruskin and William Morris this style was birthed from a desire to revive the skill of craftmanship in a resistance against what the industrial revolution did to people.


To summarise this style of design, it is an honest, straight forward style of construction with an emphasis on craftmanship and natural materials. A style that was birthed from designers and writers, the emphasis was on form and function that can be evidenced with the famous William Morris quote: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

Finding an antidote from the soulless repetitive tasks of the industrial revolution in nature and handiwork, the founders of this style used wooden elements and natural colours. The

This style and ideal has influenced architecture, tiles, ceramics, furniture, metal work, graphics, illustrations, book making, wood work, stained glass, lace making, embroidery, weaving, jewellery, and of course our own interests of fabrics and interiors.


Fabric design features from this period include upside down hearts, intricate florals with flat and simplified motifs. William Morris fabrics epitomise this period, he was involved with the manufacture of his products as well as design, a hallmark of the arts and crafts movement. His patterns were inspired by the English countryside and based on our flora and fauna.

You can choose the fabrics and wallpapers from Sanderson from the books in our shops or choose from the more affordable range of fabrics from the William Morris gallery.

Fabrics such as the Tiffany, and Ruskin are reminiscent of the William Morris style and come in a range of colours.

If you are looking for a foliage designed fabric then the Ibiza Tapestry and the Morris are leafy designs that suit this style in a range of colours.

Tapestry Fabrics

Tapestry Fabrics

Embrace true William Morris style with our tapestry fabrics. These arts and craft style designs feature birds and florals in eye catching colours, ranging from the deep royal blues to the rich yellow tones. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or for a more subtle touch of pattern, these fabrics are perfect for a wide range of projects.

These popular traditional designs take inspiration from some of William Morris’ most famous designs, the most notable being the Strawberry Thief design that features birds, foliage and strawberries. The fabrics are suitable for curtains, blinds and upholstery and are perfect for anyone looking to add timeless pattern to their home.



Wallpaper in the arts and craft style is key, William Morris was a prolific pattern maker and his patterned designs feature in wallpaper and fabrics that are still popular today. Highly patterned and in strong colours, the original papers were made with vegetable dyes and wood blocks.

When the William Morris company closed Sanderson bought the original printing blocks and now owns the Morris and Co brand. Walls in this period had a combination of wallpaper and wood panelling.


The colour schemes of cream, terracotta, mustard yellow, olive green, deep blue and deep crimson are features of this arts and crafts style. These colours are very much suited to the current return to strong colours that we are seeing in the world of interiors.

Furniture and flooring

Furniture and flooring

Furniture typical of this movement is wooden with carved out details often in Oak. Chairs would have rush or leather seats. The flooring in this style is epitomised by wooden flooring – parquet or boards.

If you are lucky enough to own a property from this period then using William Morris fabrics and wallpapers is a perfect way to honour your home’s history. But the patterns and designs can be incorporated to a home of any age.

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