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Best fabric for Roman blinds

A question we get frequently asked here at Just Fabrics, is what fabric is best for Roman Blinds, so we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to add Roman Blinds to your kitchen, living room or bathroom, they are a practical and an attractive way to decorate a window.

How to choose the best fabric for Roman Blinds

How to choose the best fabric for Roman Blinds

Choosing the right fabric not only for your Roman Blinds, but also for your space is very important, to ensure the durability of your blinds, and to create the right aesthetic in your room. Roman Blinds can be made from a wide choice of fabrics, you can be as bold and bright as you like with patterned fabrics of colourful fabrics or subtle with our fantastic choice of neutral plain fabrics. We’ve shared our top Roman Blinds fabrics, so you will be able to start your search for the right fabric for your Roman Blinds in no time.

Cotton Roman Blinds

Due to Cotton being hugely versatile for soft furnishings, it is a popular choice for Roman Blinds, because of its extensive range of patterns and colours, which will not only look fantastic but will provide a durable roman blind that will withstand the test of time.

Roman blinds are commonly made using cotton fabrics - whether they are 100% cotton or a polyester/cotton blend - due to its breathable qualities, cotton Roman Blinds will help keep a room cool. If you’re looking for Roman Blinds on a budget, cotton is the perfect choice, as it’s more affordable than other options, and it can be easily washed or ironed.

If you are looking for a traditional print for Roman Blinds, opt for the popular choice of Combe Fabric in Duck egg, a beautiful floral fabric embracing the joys of nature and wildlife. If statement is more your style then take a look at the very on trend, Longleat fabric in Acacia, featuring safari animals in a symmetrical design.

Linen Roman Blinds

If you prefer a relaxed look for your window treatments, Linen is a great choice for Roman Blinds. It comes in a variety of weights and textures perfect for creating interest at your windows. Due to the nature of the cloth, Linen often boasts slubs in the weave, adding a wonderful charm to the fabric oozing its 100% natural properties.

If you’re looking for a more structured linen look, opt for a printed linen, just like our Tropical Giraffe Linen fabric - perfect to add a bit of fun to your living room bay window. Printed linen will disguise the texture in the cloth yet still offers the weight of linen. Whereas if you’re looking for a relaxed, natural look opt for something like our Elda Linen, a fantastic 100% linen fabric, with beautiful texture and would make a wonderful Roman Blind.

Velvet Roman Blinds

Velvet adds a touch of luxury when used for Roman Blinds. It is a warm and inviting type of fabric and will always feel elegant. There is no maintenance when choosing velvet for a Roman blind, depending on the weight chosen it folds nicely when pulled up and when down holds its structure.

They make a timeless option when it comes to Roman Blinds and can be used in traditional and contemporary homes alike. Velvet easily absorbs light changing its appearance and bounces it around the room making it the perfect fabric to frame a window.

If you’re looking for a statement luxurious look, opt for a statement velvet, like the Rainforest fabric that features a tropical scene mimicking the jungle tree tops, and comes in four fun colours. Or if you’re looking for a timeless elegance, then pick from one of the 15 colours of the JF Vintage Velvet fabric range – a popular choice for window dressings, homewares and upholstery.

Tapestry and Jacquard Roman Blinds

Tapestry and Jacquard fabrics are another great choice for Roman blinds, they not only look wonderful at a window but are also very durable option and the non-stretch nature of the fabric will create crisp folds when pulled up.

Tapestry and Jacquard fabrics often depict beautiful scenes and are a nod to the past. Traditionally used as wall hangings, it has recently become popular to use it for all soft furnishings with many fabrics having a contemporary twist in colour or design.

If you’re looking to inject traditional interiors into your space, a Roman Blind made from our William Morris inspired Ruskin fabric would be perfect. Its symmetrical design of the iconic strawberry thief design features bird, foliage and strawberries, a great way to create a focal point in your room.

If you are after a more modern design then the JF Aztec fabric might be for you. This design features repeated multicoloured diamonds and comes in a mini and a standard size. Heavier weight fabrics are also good for draughty windows as they will provide a layer of insulation and keep the room nice and cosy.

Faux Silk Roman Blinds

Using Faux silk for Roman Blinds creates a luxurious finish to your windows. It hangs beautifully and comes in a range of colours. Faux silk fabrics are recommended over 100% silk for Roman Blinds because it does not attract moisture and the sun will not damage its appearance, as it would on real silk.

Kala fabric is an elegant raw faux silk with embroidery, the design is made up of palm leaves moving in the wind and it comes in 3 lovely colours. If you’re looking to have glamorous interiors at an affordable price, then Faux silk Roman Blinds will be a great option for you.

Find your perfect Roman Blinds

Our Made to Measure service has a three-year guarantee and is made to the highest quality. We have a team or sewers with over 30 years experience in our workroom who will create your perfect Roman Blind. Whether you have opted for cotton, velvet or a Tapestry just tell us your sizes, lining and finer details and we will make Roman Blinds fabric to measure. Not sure where to start? Head to the website searching ‘Curtains, blinds and cushions’ and you can filter down colour, style and usage to find your perfect fabric.

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