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Bohemian - a forgiving interior style

A style for interiors that has transcended time is one called bohemian. Each decade it gets re-invented as it borrows from the many different design styles of that era.

A style for interiors that has transcended time is one called bohemian. Each decade it gets re-invented as it borrows from the many different design styles of that era. A style that when applied to interiors looks eclectic, travel inspired and is individual. You can throw different interior items together and call it bohemian. It is forgiving because you can put together furniture from different time periods, choose furnishings you love, gather together mementoes from your travels and it looks considered and not by accident.

Mix and match

Mix and match

Bohemian is a perfect look for those who like mixing and matching colours, textures and patterns. You can put lots of different bright colours together and it doesn’t look like you have been indecisive!

You can also borrow from your favourite interior styles and not have to pick just one. Recent bohemian style incorporates Scandinavian pared back designs and retro seventies elements with the use of hanging jungle plants and exotic fabrics, put them together and you have a bohemian interior! Use of the ethnic, bohemian fabric such as a Kilim or Ikat are perfect for this interior style. See the Byzantine Kilim and the Sivas ikat fabric. You could add in some luxury with velvet fabrics, our JF velvet would make great cushions.



Bohemian style is forgiving because it doesn’t mean a redesign of a room from scratch, it is a gathering of the old and new. Add a seventies sideboard with a modern velvet or leather sofa, an ethnic style coffee table and a Moroccan pouffe and you have the beginnings of the look. If you are looking for ethnic styles of fabric to add in to your room then our article on ethnic fabric can help you here. Hanging chairs and plants, macramé wall hangings can sit alongside modern white walls, cow hide rugs, metallic side tables, ethnic prints, bohemian fabric and not look mis-matched. You can fish out those forgotten travel souvenirs, grandma’s chairs and that African elephant from the attic.

Seasonal transitions

As we come into summer, bohemian style is one that can transition through the seasons. White walls help to keep a room fresh and airy when it is warm in the summer, ethnic prints remind you of holidays. Yet you can layer more cushions in bohemian fabrics, textured throws and floor rugs when it starts to cool off in the autumn.

Make it your own

To create your own bohemian style, you might want to look at some ethnic patterned fabrics such as the JF Aztec fabric or a tie-dyed print such as the Marrakesh fabric, add in some ethnic style cushions such as Voyage decorations’ Arbury cushion. Bohemian style often appeals to the artistic types who want to create their own definition of style by adding what they love together. A style borrowed from across the eras and the arts, designs from different periods and styles, put together it looks interesting and unique. The style can be made personal because when you add in the personal touches and objects from your travels, your room tells your own story.

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