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Just Fabrics have always been dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the highest quality and this is no different with our contract fabric range.

Whether you are looking for fabrics to bring your office or classroom to life, freshen up your restaurant or hotel, or simply looking for reliable fabric to block out the light for computer use, presentations or theatres, Just Fabrics ensure you will have the perfect fabric provided with Performance Standard testing. 

Contract fabrics for Peace of mind

Contract fabrics for Peace of mind

Our focus has always been our customers and we know how complicated the world of Contract fabrics can be and that is why our dedicated team has done the research for you. 

We are here to help, below is a short crash course on Contract Standards and Fire Retardant (FR) Standards.

Performance Standard and Regulatory Standard

Performance Standard and Regulatory Standard

Performance standard fabrics are put through rigorous testing to ensure it meets your individual requirements as well as British Standard for commercial premises.

The fabric can be tested for properties such as Colour fading when exposed to light (Light fastness), Colour fading when washed (Wash Fastness), Dye running or transferring (Wet & Dry Rub Fastness) and durability (Martindale Rub test).

Above is the minimum testing for fabric to be considered performance standard and receive a pass at commercial level.

Regulatory Standard are certifications required by law and refer the Fire Retardancy of the fabric. To certify a fabric for public use it must meet on of the following: 

“Fabric for General Contract Furnishings” this refers to fabric used for curtains and accessories only OR “Fabric for General Contract Upholstery” for cushions and upholstery.

Where to go from here

Where to go from here

Just Fabrics have many years of experience with ensuring our fabrics are safe and suitable for use.

If you have any further questions regarding this our dedicated Customer Service team would be more than happy to help.

You can call us on 01242 388390 or email us at orders@justfabrics.co.uk.

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