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Customer Testimonial with Caroline

Caroline, one of our lovely customers, tells us about her Just Fabrics buying experience.

Caroline was searching for the perfect fabric online during lockdown, to recover an old Ottoman, and found Oakmere Indigo which she fell in love with.

Caroline likes shopping with independent retailers and was really pleased when she found out Just Fabrics was also a family run company. Read on to hear Caroline share her experience of shopping at Just Fabrics.

"I fell in love with it"

Hi, I'm Caroline, I'm a mum of three boys and a cystic fibrosis nurse. So, as you can imagine, the last year has been pretty interesting with demands at work and then the fun of home schooling and so as my escape, I do like a craft project and I decided I would upcycle an Ottoman for our porch, to hide the many shoes.

So, when looking for a fabric, I went online due to being in lockdown and I'm quite a firm believer in shopping with independent retailers, which is quite hard because a lot of the bigger chains have more presence online. So, when looking for the fabrics, I obviously wanted to find something I liked, but then I also have luxury in mind. So, I was really pleased that I found this fabric because I fell in love with it and then I saw that Just Fabrics is a family run company, so I placed my order. I was kept up to date and I received an email to say it might be a slight delay due to the pandemic, but actually the fabric arrived really quickly.

The fabric itself is amazing, really thick, lovely quality fabric.

"I will definitely be using Just Fabrics again"

I was quite pleased because I'm renowned for choosing fabrics that probably aren't appropriate for the job I'm using them for and quite often I have to get my mum to rescue me, because she's an experienced seamstress. So this time, knowing we were in full lockdown and that wasn't an option, I was pleased with my choice and the easy job for me. So, here's the finished article. I even managed to line up the fabric on the lid, which actually wasn't too bad because, as I said, the fabric was perfect for what I needed it for.

So, I will definitely be using Just Fabrics again. It's been a fantastic service and I'm really happy with the finished product.

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