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Fabrics with foliage designs for a fresh new room

Are you missing the outdoor summer lifestyle now the weather has gotten colder? Is it time for a fresh look in your room?

Now is the time to bring the jobs of nature  indoors, which can be done through natural elements such as plants and fabrics with foliage designs. Botanical prints and lots of plants inside are one of the latest trends to come to the world of interiors.

Green is a popular colour

Green is a popular colour

Green has been an increasingly popular colour over recent years. Farrow & Ball leading the way with their ever-growing paint colours, Treron (pictured left) is an enduring dark green version of Farrow & Ball classic Pigeon, hence being named after the green variety of the same species. Treron had a traditional feel but is still perfect for modern homes where natural textures are embraced. Green is a relaxing colour and is the colour of wealth and vitality. Foliage fabrics often use the natural colour of green, but they also come in a wealth of colours to suit all tastes, and interior schemes.

Foliage fabrics for curtains

Botanical prints are popular in wallpapers and fabrics. The Enso, Swinbrook and Woodland Walk have colours that would suit autumnal toned rooms if you don’t want a green foliage fabric. The classic Hereford fabric has a traditional leafy sprig.

We have a large range of foliage fabrics, ranging from ones that give a summer feel to others with more of a autumnal or even a simplistic tree design such as the Great Oak fabric. There are a range of colours to suit the different seasonal tones that you want for your room or home.

Foliage fabrics for furniture

Foliage upholstery fabrics can be used to make striking statements on your furniture. The Secret garden fabric would make a chair feel like sitting in a summer garden. Or the Dalston Monkey Business statement chair from Clarke & Clarke is like sitting within a tropical rainforest!

Introduce plants

Introduce plants

Oversized plants like fiddle leaf figs in baskets, monstera (swiss cheese plants) and trailing plants in macramé hanging holders are popular, as are succulents and terrariums. If you are looking for a fresh fabric with a little bit of quirk then the Barbados fabric is the perfect choice, a velvet design featuring many botanicals.

Plant stands are also seeing a trend as we are piling more house plants into our homes. There are many benefits to houseplants in the home, not just purifying the air but also improving mental wellbeing. Plants make us happy according to research. You could frame some botanical prints to go with your new fresh foliage room.

However you choose to introduce foliage designs into your home, here are Just Fabrics we hope you’ll find a variety of foliage fabrics and design inspiration to help you along the way.

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