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Gothic Decor

Gothic style originates from the middle ages, around 1150. It was revived during the Victorian era in the mid 19th century.



In the UK this style of architecture is most evident in churches and cathedrals and can be easily recognised by its use of ornate arches, columns and symmetry.   Interiors are generally dark and furniture heavy and ornate. Fabrics are heavy and luxurious.


Fabrics should be dark and heavy – tapestry designs and heavy velvets in dark colours are great.  Have very full curtains, draped and accessorise with large tie-backs and heavily fringed valences – this style is not for minimalists.  

Dining Rooms

If you live in a period property with beams then you could create a medieval baronial style look.  This look would be ideal for a dining room.  Paint walls in a deep red to create a dramatic atmosphere. Furniture should be dark and sturdy, you may be able to pick up church pews from a salvage yard which would be ideal to use.   A large wrought iron chandelier is the perfect lighting option, use with wall sconces in wrought iron or brass.  Flooring could be flagstones (or a realistic imitation) or dark wooden floorboards.  Accessorise with shields and suits of armour!  


Gothic style can work particularly well in a bedroom where it can create a moody and romantic atmosphere.  Paint walls in a deep aubergine or look for a wallpaper suitable for a feature wall. Typical designs for curtain fabric or wallpapers would be heavily patterned with images flowers and foliage. Black wrought iron bedsteads are ideal for these schemes.  Luxurious curtain fabrics in velvet, silk or chenille should be used in colours such as deep red, aubergine, rich purple or even black.


Accent colours

Accent colours

To give a gothic inspired scheme a more contemporary look introduce an accent colour such as ‘hot pink’ or scarlet.  This could be a painted statement piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers or use an upholstery fabric in your chosen colour for an occasional chair, cushions or tie-backs.

Lighten the look

Lighten the look

If you want a lighter look and don’t want to decorate your walls in dark colours then you could use a natural stone colour (think of the colour of the stonework inside churches) and then use the deeper colours for curtain fabric, upholstery fabrics and furniture and flooring.

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