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Luxurious interiors using damask fabric

Damask fabric is a reversible fabric with a pattern formed by weaving. It can be made from various fabrics including silk, wool, linen, cotton or synthetic fibres.

It was originally woven in the early middle ages and is named after the city of Damascus which, at the time, was a large city popular for trading and manufacturing. It is generally woven on a jacquard loom with a satin weave and a sateen weave which gives it a slight sheen.

Damask fabric for a luxurious look

If you are wanting to create a luxurious look then look no further than using damask fabric. Look for silk damask fabric and use for a curtain fabric using regal colours such as ruby red, deep purple and emerald green. For a more opulent feel have as full-length curtains and use with an interlining for added elegance. Add tie-backs as a finishing touch and to complete the formal look. Silk fabric can be expensive so for a more affordable option look for a faux silk fabric.

Reversible and durable damask fabric

Many damasks can be used as an upholstery fabric and would be great for covering a chair or sofa, a raspberry damask fabric would make a real statement. If you are using them for fixed upholstery then you are likely to need the fabric treated to make it fire retardant - check with your upholsterer. Self patterned versions are ideal for loose covers and will add some texture and interest rather than using a completely plain fabric.

Traditional style and elegance

Traditional style and elegance

Damask fabric is the perfect choice if you want to create a traditional interior that will exude opulence and style.  This versatile fabric is reversible – top tip – make sure your curtain maker or upholsterer knows which side you want to use!  If using for curtains then use a formal heading such as triple pinch pleat

Accessorise with cushions

Accessorise with cushions

Damask fabric also looks great when made into cushions and will add a sense of style to a formal living room or when piled high on a bed in a traditionally styled bedroom.  Damask fabric comes in a variety of colours so there is sure to be one that fits in with your scheme.  Coordinate with other materials such as velvet fabric, chenille or silk for a sumptuous and relaxed look.

If you don’t want to completely redecorate your room use cushions to give your room a quick update. 

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