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Roman Blinds vs Roller Blinds

Blinds are an easy and stylish alternative to curtains, particularly in contemporary interiors. They can also have a longer lifespan than curtains provided they’re well maintained.

If blinds are what you’re after, you’ll then want to decide between roman or roller blinds for your windows.  

In this article we’ll discuss roman blinds vs roller blinds and the pros and cons of each. We’ll also help you better understand the difference between roman and roller blinds and which will suit your interior.

Roller blinds are better for maximising sunlight

Roller blinds are better for maximising sunlight

If you want to fix a blind inside the recess and allow as much sunlight in as possible, opt for roller blinds over roman blinds. Made to measure roller blinds roll up neatly and compactly and therefore don't cover the window pane as much as bespoke roman blinds.

Always bear in mind that if placing a roman blind inside a window recess, it will fold up to at least 15-20cm even when open and will therefore block out a degree of the natural daylight, as well as the view!

Roman blinds make a feature of your window

Roman blinds make a feature of your window

One of the main benefits of roman blinds is that they’re more decorative. Bespoke roman blinds will show off more fabric whether the blind is up or down.  

Because of this, you can incorporate your made to measure roman blinds into your interior design scheme by choosing a fabric that complements the room. A beautiful roman blind will dress your window and make it a feature - more so than a roller blind.  

Ideally, placing a roman blind outside the window recess is the best option, as this helps to make the window appear larger.

What type of fitting is used for bespoke roman blinds and roller blinds?

What type of fitting is used for bespoke roman blinds and roller blinds?

Our roman blinds come on a metal headrail with removable brackets that you secure to the chosen surface before attaching the headrail. Our helpful video demonstrates how to do this.

Roller blinds use similar working end brackets, however the blind itself fixes in either end with a push lock mechanism.

Both styles of blind can be fixed inside or outside the window recess as well as either front face fixing to the wall or top fixing to the ceiling or inside of the recess.

Creating a traditional style with a roman blind

Creating a traditional style with a roman blind

If you are trying to create a classic style in your home, or if you live in a period property and would like your window treatment to reflect this, then choose a roman blind. Bespoke roller blinds are still viewed as a contemporary choice and whilst they can work very well if you choose a traditional style fabric for your blind, the folding aspect of a roman blind lends itself to a more classic interior style.

Use roller blinds for a contemporary look

Use roller blinds for a contemporary look

As well as the standard style of laminated roller blinds which can be made with the majority of our curtain fabrics, there is also a vast range of contemporary roller blinds with various different affects.

This roller blind is called a duo roller blind, and is similar to the effect a venetian blind provides but with a much sleeker and modern look. Just Fabrics can also supply a range of blackout blinds in both plain and pattern designs.

Roman blinds vs roller blinds for insulation?

Roman blinds can be made with an interlining which is where a thick material is sandwiched in between the face fabric and the cotton lining to give the blind a fuller look which in turn creates a more sumptuous window dressing.

If you're looking to keep the heat in or if your windows are particularly draughty, then this interlining adds to the blinds thermal properties as it creates another layer for the cold air to penetrate. For this reason, roman blinds are better suited for draughty and cold rooms where insulation is key.

Adding that extra something to your roman blind or roller blind

Our fabric showrooms in Burford and Cheltenham have a variety of trimmings books that can coordinate with your roman blind to give it that extra wow factor. We can also supply shields for roller blinds which hide the mechanism. These are similar to pelmets used for curtains as they are made in the same fabric as the roller blind. Remember to choose a blackout lining if hanging the blind in a bedroom. 

For blind ideas for the living room, check out our article here and for further inspiration take a look through our project gallery to view some of our previous client work.  

If you need further advice, talk to us on our live chat service or by phoning our helpline on 01242 388390.

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