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Selecting Contract Fabrics

When selecting fabrics for a Contract project you need to be sure you have considered all the different variables.

In this quick guide we aim to ensure your chosen fabric is the perfect fit for you, should you need any further assistance please feel free to call us on 01242 388390 to speak with one of dedicated members of staff.

Key Properties for your Contract Fabrics

Key Properties for your Contract Fabrics

  • Purpose – What is the intended use?
  • Regulations – Does the fabric meet the relevant regulations?
  • Design – Does the fabric match existing design choices?
  • Colour – Does the colour compliment the space? If not, does the fabric have a wide variety of colour options?
  • Pattern – As with the colour, does the pattern compliment the space? Does it clash with any existing patterns? Pillows, sofas, paintings/pictures etc.
  • Privacy – Do you want a sheer with little Privacy? Do you want to ensure you have complete privacy?
  • Durability – Will the fabric be used in a high traffic area where it is likely to need cleaning on a regular basis? Will it withstand direct sunlight? Will the fabric design / colour fade quickly? Can the fabric be machine washed or will it need to be dry cleaned?
Here to Help

Here to Help

Here at Just Fabrics, our extensive collection of Contract fabrics has something to meet each of these needs and we are confident you will find the perfect fabric.

Why not order a sample of the fabrics that meet your requirements? This allows you to not only see the fabric in the space but to ensure you are happy with the look, feel and weight. Click the link to request your free fabric samples today.

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