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Why should I choose linen fabric?

100% linen fabric and linen mixes are amongst the most popular fabrics used in soft furnishings.

Why is linen more expensive than cotton?

Why is linen more expensive than cotton?

Linen fabric is made from the fibres of the flax plant so it is a natural product but is laborious to manufacture, therefore it can be more expensive than some other fabrics.  Flax is a tall, reed like plant which grows all over the Mediterranean region and Central Asia.  It has been made since about 1000BC in Egypt and was one of the first fibres to be made into cloth.

Why linen is a good fabric

Linen fabric gives a relaxed natural look and is great for using in a shabby chic or country style interior.  Many linen fabrics are suitable as an upholstery fabric as well as a curtain fabric, some are also washable making them an ideal choice for loose covers.  

Linen fabrics can be prone to creasing so if you are looking for a tailored finish to your drapes then pure linen would not be the best choice.

Are there different types of linen?

Are there different types of linen?

Linen is often mixed with other fabrics such as cotton to create a soft fabric which will drape well. Whereas pure linen is known to crease (which is fine if you are creating a relaxed look) by mixing it with cotton you will get a more tailored look whilst keeping the luxury of linen.

Linen can also be mixed with polyester or viscose to give a hard-wearing fabric which is more crease resistant than pure linen fabric. By blending with a synthetic the fabric can also be less expensive.

Blending linen with silk fabric is another popular mix which produces a natural and luxurious fabric, ideal as a curtain fabric as it will drape beautifully, especially for full length curtains where it will look stunning.

Lots of choice

Linen fabric is available in many different designs. If you are creating a country style interior look for a faded floral print in a 100% linen. These prints are ideal for using in a bedroom or living room. If you want a fuller look then have them interlined - this will also add extra insulation to your window treatment.

Striped linen fabric is a great choice if you are creating a nautical or maritime scheme, choose blue and white stripes, perhaps with a touch of red to add a pop of colour.

You can also find plain linen fabric in a wide variety of colours which can be suitable as a curtain or upholstery fabric.

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