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Here at Just Fabrics we love to see how you've been using our fabrics and products to make your house a home. Send us your photo, and if we shortlist it for inclusion in the customer creations below, we'll send you an exclusive £10 off voucher code!

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Send us your photo!

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Customer Creations

Send us your photo and be in with a chance of winning a £10 voucher code.
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Skye Wool Claret Bench

Submitted by Beryl on 1st Dec 2020

This bench seat looks amazing! Thank you Beryl for sending in your creation, who has used the Skye Wool Claret fabric to give it an update.

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Chelsea Multi Chair

Submitted by Lesley on 1st Dec 2020

This chair is beautiful! Lesley has used the Chelsea Multi fabric, thank you for sharing your reupholstery skills.

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Gatsby Plaza Decorations

Submitted by Rebecca on 27th Nov 2020

This garden room is amazing! Rebecca has used the Gatsby Plaza fabric to make beautiful cushions and a wall piece and the colours work beautifully.

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Winslow Carmine Chair

Submitted by Stephen on 24th Nov 2020

This chair looks great with added pattern using the Winslow Cramine fabric, thank you Stephen for sending in your creation!

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Nouveau Heron Navy Box

Submitted by Gill on 24th Nov 2020

Thank you Gill for sending in your beautiful creation! This box has been recovered using the Nouveau Heron Navy fabric and it works so well with the gold.

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JF Kilim Rust Cushions

Submitted by Lynne on 24th Nov 2020

These cushions have been made using the beautiful JF Kilim Rust fabric, thank you Lynne for sharing your creation, it is great!

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Wildwood Paprika Accesories

Submitted by Sophie on 24th Nov 2020

How great are these home accessories! Sophie has used the Wildwood Paprika fabric to make curtains, a cushion and a notice board, thank you for sharing.

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Ruskin Red Footstools

Submitted by Brenda on 23rd Nov 2020

These matching footstools have been upholstered using the Ruskin Red fabric and look great!

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Longleat Acacia Curtains

Submitted by Joanna on 20th Nov 2020

Joanna has used the amazing Longleat Acacia fabric to make these beautiful curtains for her home, thank you for sharing!

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Braemar Clementine Armchair

Submitted by Emma on 16th Nov 2020

Emma has done an amazing job of reupholstering this armchair using the Braemar Clementine fabric, thank you for sending your creation in!

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Aviary Bed

Submitted by Anna on 16th Nov 2020

This bed is amazing! Anna has used the Aviary Begonia fabric to recover the bed and it really adds uplifting colour and pattern into the room.

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Hatherop Linen Outdoor Seating

Submitted by Lucy on 12th Nov 2020

Lucy has created a very relaxing outdoor seating area using the Hatherop Linen fabric, it looks like the perfect spot to spend an Afternoon!

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Bengal Tiger Safari Room

Submitted by Elizabeth on 12th Nov 2020

What a statement room! Elizabeth has used the Bengal Tiger Safari fabric to make curtains, cushions, bed throw and to recover a blanket box. It all looks amazing.

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Hot Air Balloon Rocking Chair

Submitted by Helen on 12th Nov 2020

This creation is so amazing! Helen has used the Hot Air Balloon fabric to reupholster this rocking chair and the added pom poms are beautiful!

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Oakmere Indigo Lampshade

Submitted by Kim on 12th Nov 2020

This beautiful lampshade has been made using the Oakmere Indigo fabric, thank you Kim for sharing your amazing creation!

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Longleat Acacia Sofa

Submitted by Miranda on 11th Nov 2020

Miranda has done an amazing job of reupholstering this sofa in the Longleat Acacia fabric, it is a great statement piece!

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Nailsworth Indigo Roman Blinds

Submitted by Jane on 11th Nov 2020

How amazing are these blinds? Jane has used the Nailsowrth Indigo fabric to brighten up this window and has done a great job!

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